How is Coaching Done?

There are several different programs available for experiencing the benefits of Executive and Business coaching. Ways in which coaching could be deliver are: one-on-one sessions by telephone or in person, e-mail, and cybercoaching; small groups in person,by telephone and e-mail; and customized corporate programs conducted in person and by telephone.

One-OnOne Coaching

This program has been designed with a personal and individual approach. It's conducted in person by phone and e-mail so you get your coaching no matter where you are or what activities you're currently involved in. During these sessions, your coach will probably ask you for more than you might ask of yourself. You will learn how to find and incorporate those day-to-day actions which will help you stay focused, clear and action-oriented. Its design is to help you achieve the "big picture" you're working toward. This personalized approach begins with a two-hour familiarization (this could be in person if desired ) and a goal-setting session, followed by 2 -3 sessions per month, each 60 minutes in length, and also includes unlimited e- mail and voice mail support.


This program has also been designed with a personal and individual approach. However, in this case, it's conducted entirely by e-mail and real-time communication sessions via your computer. It too begins with a one-hour familiarization and goal-setting session either by phone or computer, and offers you two convenient ways to participate in your coaching sessions.

  • Coaching via e-mail. Here, you can send your thoughts anytime day or night with multiple weekly contacts three weeks out of every month. Response to your e-mails are generally within twenty-four hours.
  • Real-time cybercoaching via your computer. With this option, you'll meet with your coach on-line using Skype or MSN messenger software at a set day and time each week two times per month with each session lasting forty five minutes..

Group Coaching

This program provides coaching in a small like-minded group setting. It's also conducted mainly entirely in person , with follow up by phone and e-mail and starts with an in-person meeting with the group or team. In this sharing group-supported environment, you'll experience the same quality coaching as with the other one-on-one programs. However, you also have the opportunity to share experiences with others in similar situations. These sessions are held once or twice a month, each session one hour in length, and also includes unlimited e-mail and voice mail support. This could also be done on site or via video conference.

Corporate Coaching

Coaching programs are available for all types of businesses and organizations. Sessions are conducted in person and by telephone with pre-set e-mail support also available. Training could be provided along with Coaching in different topics as needs are identified in the Organization. (see training)

These programs provide employees, managers, and others in high positions of responsibility the skills and techniques to complement and improve their leadership qualities and abilities.