What is Coaching?

The goal of coaching is to make you a more balanced and fulfilled person as you also experience success.

A coach helps you remove those obstacles, beliefs that are impeding you to be successful. Just like a sports coach, the coach will uncover the hidden potential within, those great capabilities you already have but that you have not fully developed.

 What is Coaching?  What is not Coaching?
  •  A means for learning and development.
  • Guiding someone toward her or his goals.
  • The mutual sharing of experiences and opinions to create agreed-upon outcomes.
  • About inspiring and supporting another person
  •  An opportunity to correct someone's behaviors or actions.
  • Directing someone to do something to meet goals.
  • Being the expert or supervisor with all the answers.
  • About trying to address personal issues.

 Coaching vs. Managing 

 Coaching?  Managing

Focus On:

  • Exploring

  • Facilitating

  • Partnership

  • Long-term development

  • Open to many possible outcomes.

Focus On:

  • Telling

  • Directing

  • Authority

  • Immediate needs

  • Typically want one specific outcome.