Why do I need a coach?

People have coaches because they want to grow and develop faster than they can on their own. They want results fast, they are committed to being the best they can be, want to become known for who they are, want to get what they deserve, and are ready to move and live a more fulfilling life.

Coaching is a type of partnership. It gives people a new sense of their own power to "cause" the results you want-by design- regardless of circumstances or prevailing conditions. As a coach, I partner with you to produce new levels of performance and results in the face of rapid change and competition. Coaching helps people come to grips with huge changes in the way they work and helps to make them successful in big life transitions.

When you're just "cruising" through life , you cannot usually see the possibilities it offers. In that case you are constantly "doing". That doesn't give you much chance to develop yourself and others.As someone not caught up in your day- to -day activities, I can suggest new ways of looking at things. Learn how- to and not fall off. Then you become the responsible owner of where you are going with your life and then you can guide others.

What a coach will do for you

  • Take bigger and smarter actions because you set the goals you really want.
  • Stretch for more and not be consumed in the process.
  • Make better decisions for yourself and the business, because your focus is clear.
  • Have a lot more sustainable energy because there will be no more starting and stopping... you'll have the tools, structure and support you need to stay on track.
  • Have a balanced life.

We will get to the source of problems and create solving strategies, we will get to the source of problems and create solving strategies:

  • You will become more of a strategic thinker.
  • We will bridge what you want with which skills you have to help you achieve total success .
  • We will set goals that are values-based, and prioritize actions .
  • We will build a reserve of time, space, people, energy, fun etc.
  • We will grow your business by establishing systems and a reliable process.

Group Coaching

This program provides coaching in a small like-minded group setting. It's also conducted mainly entirely in person , with follow up by phone and e-mail and starts with an in-person meeting with the group or team. In this sharing group-supported environment, you'll experience the same quality coaching as with the other one-on-one programs. However, you also have the opportunity to share experiences with others in similar situations. These sessions are held once or twice a month, each session one hour in length, and also includes unlimited e-mail and voice mail support. This could also be done on site or via video conference.